As days pass by

Gedichten, liedjes, verhaaltjes, noem maar op...
Kortom, je kans om snel beroemd te worden!
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As days pass by

Bericht door LeeM » 21-03-08 08:28

jaja, ik weet t, ik heb teveel vrije tijd :|
nog een:

Happiness is what I sought
Through years and years of living
For days and days I always thought
What more could life be giving

A normal day, like every one
That’s when I heard them say
He called in sick, the fever struck
Doom was upon this day

The days passed on, still no news
The worries struck my mind
Until that day, the coma came
Let’s hope he’ll get just fine

A few days later, he passed away
I cried and thought it was a lie
My best friend lost, forever lost
The day that he would die

I ran away, towards his house
His mother confused and scared
Meningitis is what it was
I asked myself, why couldn’t he be spared

A few days later there it was
His body, white as frost
As I went by, scared as hell
For I was clearly lost

Years pass by, and so does life
Once more my happiness grew
Until that day, stabbed to death
This time it was no flu

Another loss, a wake up slap
At that moment I did decide
Stop to worry, stop to fear
Let’s just turn the tide

Forcing happiness into my life
I never thought I could
Everyday another dream
These were my real guide

And here I am, confident
Time has paid its toll
Back it was, the happiness
Buried deep within my soul
"Smee again! Goan f**k yourself!"

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